Patriots Point

(Page Four)

Charleston/Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

visited June, 2001

USS Clamagore (SS-343) DANFS

USCG Ingham (WPG-35, WAGC-35, WHEC-35)

The Clamagore nearly missed World War II, being commissioned in late June, 1945. Clamagore served the Navy in a number of functions, receiving a snorkel in 1947 and serving with the Fleet Sonar School. She was based in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Mediterrean for her entire career. Clamagore played a role in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, conducting patrols out of Charleston. She served for nearly thirty years, retiring to Patriots Point in 1975.

The Ingham was commissioned in 1936 and served well into the 1980s, after acquiring a reputation for mishaps in the 1970s (pier fire, "t-boning" a pier, dragging an anchor down the side of another cutter and striking a buoy at the mouth of the Thames River). She is credited with the sinking of the German submarine U-626. The Ingham appears probably as she did when retired with much of her armament removed, but one turret and a handling room remain on display. 

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