Patriots Point

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Charleston/Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

visited June, 2001

USS Laffey (DD-724) DANFS

The Laffey lies just a short distance from the Yorktown's quarterdeck, alongside the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Ingham. The Laffey's interior spaces are devoted to a museum honoring and remembering U.S. destroyers and the sailors who served on them. The Laffey is a Sumner-class destroyer, bearing twin 5" guns in her mounts. The Laffey's presence in Charleston is something of a miracle - on March 21, 1945, while supporting the invasion of Okinawa, Laffey took four bomb and five kamikaze hits, suffering 32 dead and 71 wounded. The Laffey's sailors got her back to port and the repair yard, from whence she emerged to serve the Navy late into the 1960s.

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