Patriots Point

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Charleston/Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

visited June, 2001

USS Yorktown (CV-10) DANFS

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Patriots Point lies on the shores of Charleston Harbor, home to a lot of American history including the famous Fort Sumter, site of the first shot of the Civil War. Stroll the decks of the Essex-class carrier Yorktown of World War II fame, the Sumner-class destroyer Laffey, Coast Guard cutter Ingham, which sank a U-Boat in World War II, and the submarine Clamagore. 

The Yorktown serves not only as a museum ship; she is the site of an amazing collection of memorabilia. You can see a clock from USS Houston (sunk 1942) that was salvaged in the 1990s, pieces of USS Saratoga (CV-3), other U.S. cruisers, battleships, and both large (CV) and light (CVL) carriers including the famed USS Enterprise (CV-6). The hangar and flight decks of the Yorktown hold enough planes to constitute an aviation museum in their own right. You never know what lies around the next corner of this carrier which served her country until 1975.

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