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Fall River, Massachusetts

visited December, 2001

USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr. (DD-850) DANFS

After walking through the PT exhibits, we went outside and braved the elements once more. The LCM was slippery, but didn't prepare me for the Kennedy's decks - it was something of a miracle that I didn't crash on the upper deck by the ASROC launcher. I sort of learned my lesson after that close call and only came close once more, on the Massachusetts' bow.

The Joseph P Kennedy, Jr is a Gearing-class destroyer. The Gearings are easily described as a longer Sumner, with about 14 extra feet between the stacks. It was a little hard to make comparisons, though, because the Kennedy has had some of her turrets removed in various modernization refits. The ship is currently undergoing a restoration effort to bring her to her 1970 appearance. She also is home to the Arleigh Burke Destroyermen's Museum. Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers, the Kennedy has an impressive number of spaces open, including some in engineering. It's amazing how the Navy got the engines into that small space...

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