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Fall River, Massachusetts

visited December, 2001

USS Massachusetts (BB-59) DANFS

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After working our way through the Joseph P Kennedy, the Lionfish and the Hiddensee, we went back to the dock to approach the marquee exhibit: USS Massachusetts. The Massachusetts has been on display in Fall River since 1965, and does bear some signs of 36 years service as a war memorial. The only real disappointment was that the upper decks are closed to visitors above the 02 level, unlike her sister (the Alabama) in Mobile. 

The Massachusetts had the distinction of firing the first 16" shells of the war. She participated in the action off Casablanca in 1942, exchanging fire with the French battleship Jean Bart. Damage from an 8" shell is still evident today.

The Massachusetts is well-organized with three tours to follow, or you can just wander on your own. Because she was mothballed at an early age, she appears much as she did at the height of World War II. The AA guns are still here, along with practice loaders, a boat crane, and even one of her old paravanes. A good deal of the lower decks are open, and you can explore most of a 16" barbette, along with two of the 16" turrets, a 5" turret, stroll down Broadway and explore a number of well-stocked exhibits and memorials to other ships and services. Visitors can eat "Battleship Burgers" in the wardroom as a way of relaxing while touring this most impressive battleship. 

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