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San Jacinto Battleground State Park

Battleship Texas Hard Hat Tour

La Porte (Houston), Texas

January 18, 2003

Main Plot

Going back to the 3rd deck, a trunk leads down two decks to Main Plot. Main Plot held the communication and control instruments for the gun battery, assisted by optical and radar directors located high in the masts of the ship. While much of the analog computing equipment was repossessed by the Navy prior to the ship's arrival in 1948, the command-and-control equipment still present is very interesting to examine and compare to the backups found in the turrets, pilothouse and conning tower. The passageway leading down to Main Plot was recently restored by the First Texas Volunteers to its 1945 appearance - we could smell the fresh paint. A First Texas Volunteer was stationed in Main Plot for the tours and gave a great talk on the systems, their history and how they were used.

The Photos

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