Freedom Park

Omaha, NE

visited October, 2000 and September, 2001

USS Hazard (AM-240) DANFS

    (note: DANFS online lists the ship as sold for scrap.)

USS Marlin (SST-2) DANFS


The visit to Freedom Park came on a cloudy, rainy October afternoon, tacked on to a visit to the Strategic Air Command Museum. I'll always be grateful to the unknown volunteer who let us down into the engine compartments and cheerfully discussed the finer points of removing old diesel fuel. Sadly, on the September 2001 visit, the park was closed "due to wet decks" and instead, we spent 20 minutes examining a 5-inch gun on display outside the fence.

Today, the Hazard floats on Nebraska soil, making for the smoothest ride she's ever had. The Marlin stands above the ground, escorting a convoy of assorted hardware. Among the objects on display are name belts from a variety of WW2-era ships, naval guns and a couple of aircraft. Topping off the collection is the recently acquired (1998) LSM 45, riding the placid waves of the Missouri River.

There are rumors that Freedom Park is considering relocating across the Missouri River to Iowa. Until then, you can find Freedom Park just south of the Omaha airport on the banks of the aforementioned Missouri.


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