Battleship Memorial Park

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Mobile, Alabama

visited June, 2001

USS Drum (SS-228) DANFS

USS Drum rests on USS Alabama's port quarter at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile. The Drum carried out 13 war patrols in the Pacific in World War II, and was on her way to station on the 14th at the end of the war. The Drum served after the war to members of the Naval Reserve until 1962, and joined the Alabama in 1969.

Unlike some of the memorial subs, the Drum can be seen from a unique angle - from up high on USS Alabama's fire control tower. Also, former sailors volunteer on board the Drum to offer their stories and insight into this old warrior. One old-timer smiled when he saw me wriggling under the bridge rail to get at the antiaircraft guns (and to line up the Alabama in my sights!). The Drum is in excellent condition and provides a clear look through the window of time back to the days of the Silent Service and their enormous contribution to the U.S. campaign against Japan.

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