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Mobile, Alabama

visited June, 2001

USS Alabama (BB-60) DANFS

I arrived in Mobile (stop #5 on the great 2001 Ship Tour) on a sunny Saturday afternoon following a drenching in Atlanta the previous night. The motel next door is appropriately entitled the Battleship Inn, and after checking in, immediately went next door to greet this survivor of the South Dakota class.

The Alabama is in very good condition overall, although in the future she may need a redecking such as the North Carolina received in 2001. She sits on Mobile Bay convoyed by USS Drum (SS-228) and a new pavilion that is home to a collection of 23 aircraft including a gigantic B-52 just off the parking lot. Battleship Park also features a fine collection of military equipment including field pieces and tanks. The Alabama is also escorted by alligators, one of whom was basking in the sun just off the port bow.

On board the Alabama you can tour 16" and 5" turrets, visit a barbette, many spaces belowdecks including the engine room, and as an unexpected touch, climb clear up to level 8 in the fire control tower. The Alabama also retained her stern crane and one catapult, giving a nice couterbalance to the helipads found on today's modernized Iowas.  

Battleship Memorial Park is a must-see for anyone visiting Mobile.

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